Let me back up my previous post.

I don’t know if many of you watched the co-optional podcast that Jon guest starred in today. but he expanded on what his beliefs on this whole matter are. and this converstation with Totalbiscuit, Jesse and dodger went on for almost an hour straight. He managed to get his point across and it came off much more eloquently than some of his recent twitter posts.

Jontron has done nothing wrong.

Jontron is my fucking hero right now.

Jontron is my fucking hero right now.

If you’re aware of what’s happening with Zoe Quinn and her scandal, what are your thoughts on it?

More and more Info keeps coming out


An open letter to Stephen Totilo






pleae swatch thi sthis is my absolute favourite video please


How in the fuck does this work so well?

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You can’t not love this guy

If you’re aware of what’s happening with Zoe Quinn and her scandal, what are your thoughts on it?

someone on twitter is saying that your comic is sexual harassment because you drew zoe quinn naked lol


she posted nudes on the internet. SHE posted them. YOU CAN BUY THEM ONLINE.

whoever that idiot on twitter is is well, an idiot

honestly i don't really get the big deal about sleeping one's way to the top. i'd probably do it tbh. it's shitty that she cheated on her bf and all but other than that whateva whateva


the whole “cheating on her bf” and “sleeping with 5 guys, including a married man” to get to the top is exactly what the source of contention is about

like come on guys, nobody respects an actor/actress who fucks their way into the show when their competence as an actor/actress is otherwise lacking. 

similarly, nobody should respect zoe for fucking her way to success when her shitty game would’ve otherwise died pitifully in steams greenlight campaign, had she not sucked 5 sets of cocks and 10 sets of balls for notoriety 

but sexual escapades aside, what she did to her boyfriend at the time and who she affiliated with is in itself inexcuseable. like id really, really not give a shit if this was just an issue of zoe suckin dicks for funsies, but she done did some reeeeeeeal manipulative, emotionally abusive shit to someone who thought they could trust her (her boyfriend) and what really burns my ass is that if this had been the case with a man, tumblr, SJWS would be clammoring for his head.

the sheer level of hypocrisy in this is disgusting, is all.